The Xcella Rig is an camera accessory that provides a unique 360 degree revolving camera perspective.  The camera will spin around the user creating some insane shots that would otherwise be unobtainable.  The rig mounts to virtually any adult hat with an inner hard plastic liner (requires punching 1/4" hole in top center of hat). The Hat Mount is designed for non-action movement (party's, walking, standing shots).  The rig is 4' long, breaks down into 2' sections, and any GoPro camera weighing 170 grams or less can be mounted via the included GoPro mount.  Our unique, low profile, patent-pending mounting system allows the rig to be solid and not flop back and forth like other GoPro mounted systems.   Includes counter weights to perfectly balance the rig.   
The Xcella Rig spins creating a 360 degree constantly changing view to add to your production.
Breaks down into two 2' sections. 
Features rust resistant parts allowing the rig to be used in a wet environment.
Achieving creative shots isn't just reserved for large production companies.  The Xcella Rig was priced for everyone.
4' Xcella Rig (Two 2' sections)
Hard Plastic Shell for Hat (hat not included)
Hat Mount
GoPro 1/4-20 Tripod Mount
Counter Weights

Hat Mount
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